FitCon Summit Series: #6


Thomas DeLauer has become a household name in the ketogenic community with his educational videos reaching over 20 Million people per week. His personal 100lb keto transformation has not only gained him recognition in the health and fitness community, but has also put him on the covers of health and fitness magazines worldwide.

Mike Mutzel, MS has an undergraduate degree in Biology from Western Washington University, a Masters Degree in Human Clinical Nutrition from University of Bridgeport and is the author of Belly Fat Effect. He makes videos and podcasts to help everyday people around the world learn how to stay lean and metabolically flexible. 

Some people might listen to Mike and think that he’s against fasting, but that’s not true. He fasts daily, weekly and quarterly for at least 14 hours, 24 hours and 72 hours, respectfully. He also encourages others to do the same.

That said, he can't confidently advise people how long one should fast so as to maximize autophagy, because he simply don't have those studies. Yet he does know that exercise, unequivocally increases autophagy; locally within the muscle tissue and systemically within the immune system and brain.

BTW, let me make sure that you know what autophagy means. Autophagy (“self-eating”) is a detox process your body undergoes to clean out damaged cells and regenerate new ones. A protein called p62 activates to induce autophagy and is the key to an improved human lifespan over time. 

Intermittent fasting protein cycling provides an alternating cycle of deprivation and nutrient intake that influences and activates autophagy. Intermittent fasting does this, as you might expect, by depriving the cells of nutrients during your fast.

There are different ideas when it comes to enhancing fat loss and autophagy by exercising in a fed VS fasted state. Some say: all that matters is that you're in a calorie deficit, others feel strongly that it enhances fat loss;

Here are few other ideas:

  • When you are on a ketogenic diet, your body is efficient at storing glycogen. It requires less. There is no need to reload.
  • After a hypertrophy workout is a great time to back load. It allows you to build more muscle. Spiking insulin a little activates mTOR pathway, which is anabolic.
  • Thomas trains while fasting. Fasted training changed his body. He gets the most metabolic response.
  • Fasted workouts increase mitochondrial density and efficiency, thus it makes the ATP synthesis and coupling process more efficient.
  • I workout in a fasted state, in the presence of ketones (LYFE FUEL), I have muscle sparing mechanisms in place. Adrenaline and noradrenaline can spare muscle.
  • The more fat adapted you are, the more you spare lean muscle mass in the fasted state.
  • Through the proper utilization of compound movements, Thomas gets a good deal of auxiliary muscle recruitment. The same happens during my workout method (25AM Lean & Toned)

To give you two different perspectives, here's two different conversations: one for fasted exercise featuring fitness expert Thomas DeLauer and one not-for fasted exercise Mike Mutzel. 

Click here and enjoy ;)

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