Our mission is to empower YOU to realize your greatest potential. Anatome Academy was founded by Ana Vaughn Becker to boost health, wellness and quality of life through empowering, motivating, and inspiring greatness of the mind, body and spirit. We offer people the support they need to achieve their truest goals.

Our goal is to help you realize true health, wellness and longevity. Short term goals are important for motivation but we are dedicated to promoting short and long term solutions to boost your overall health.

We believe that physical fitness and health go hand in hand. We will never promote activities or practices which will put you at risk. We will help you to boost your fitness by developing healthy habits which elevate your long term health and happiness.

Our training philosophy is based on a multifaceted dynamic approach that’s continually evolving to progress with our clients goals... We approach health from multiple perspectives and promote wellness by seeking a wide range of insights from our network of leading specialty physicians and practitioners in the field.

We are supported by evidence based practices, and expert medical professionals such as Dr. Ivan Rusilko, Dr. Antonio Carlos Minuzzi and the intuitive wisdom of lifestyle athletes such as Ana Vaughn Becker. We strive for you to realize your potential endurance, the strength and conditioning required to Keep your body fit and strong; the flexibility to enjoy your body and the mental and physical endurance to compete with it.

Become a Lifestyle Athlete! Looking amazing and feeling your best are the natural results of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Start feeling your healthiest, sexiest and fittest today!