One of the main speakers at FitCon this year was Ben Greenfield. He’s at the Top of the 100 Most Influential Fitness Icons and a leading biohacker in the world. 

I flew from Miami to Salt Lake City looking forward to personally meeting one of the few people I’ve followed on a constant bases for the past years.

Ben’s podcasts and website have been a huge asset to my health and fitness platform helping me to achieve a consistent winning attitude toward lifestyle from a non-traditional / holistic point of view.

Every week, I tune in and learn something new from his podcasts and I definitely recommend them to you. (Click here)

I’ve not only used his information to transform my life but to also help benefit the many challenges clients have faced on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

He clearly presents his information and backs up his research to present it in a way you can most easily implement it into your lifestyle. He challenges you to think about multiple aspects of your wellness and to push beyond your current level of health and fitness beliefs.

During his panel at FitCon he was presenting “THE 19 BASIC & ADVANCED ANTI-AGING TATICS” which inspired me to finish my work on THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR AN EPIC LIFE. 

Some of the 19 tactics that Ben mentioned during his panel were already covered in our past newsletters, such as the importance and benefits of having: “a healthy diet rich in plants and foods that boost your immune system and fight inflammation - Eat Wild Plants; Avoid Processed, Packaged Foods”

He also mentioned the importance of “Prioritizing Social Engagement” and the benefits of “Drinking Red Wine.”

Ben spoke about “Restricting Calories and Fasting.”


“Low level Physical Activity” and the importance to include exercise in your daily routine, but not extreme activities with high impact, because they shorten your life span.

It was amazing and encouraging to hear the synergies with Ben’s approach to all that I have implemented and shared with you on my blogs.

I was fortunate to hear him speak on many other subjects of interest as well as his strategies in: 

  • Not Smoking / Nicotine benefits (gum)
  • Possessing a Strong Life Purpose
  • Benefits of Having Low Amounts of Stress
  • Engaging In A Spiritual Discipline / Religion or Belief In A Higher Power
  • Remaining Reproductively Useful
  • Coffee Berry Fruit Extract
  • Moringa

Personally, My favorite subject he spoke on was Peptides. Peptides are short chains of naturally occurring amino acids filled with the potential to heal and address many issues of health and wellness.  There’s a lot of mis-information and confusion around peptides so it was encouraging to hear Ben clearly present his opinions and knowledge on the subject. 

He spoke on several Peptides to be used for specific issues such as joint degradations and increased healing time (BPC-157, TB-500); Mitochondria and general longevity (Humanin & MOTS-C), Anti-aging (THYMUS, Epithalon), Neuron degradation (Semax).

Also, Mitochondrial Support through the use of: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), Nicotinamide Riboside, Pau D’Arco Bark Tea, Glutathione (supports anti-oxidant activity in your mitochondria), Pterostilbene (a dimethylated derivative of resveratrol that, for some mechanisms, is more potent and much better absorbed), along with Fish Oil and stacking Coenzyme Q10/MITOQ/PQQ.

Ben also mentioned the capability to enhance Telomerase Activators and prevent the telomer from shortening through the use of:  Astragalus, TA65 & TAM818 and the peptide Epitalon. 

There’s so much more to learn and discuss in regards to all the different peptides that have been developed so I’d definitely recommend working with a Doctor who specializes in the use of peptides and running proper blood panels to show measured results and prevent any unintentional misuse. 

Personally, I’m fortunate to know Dr. Ivan Rusilko based here in Miami.  He’s an expert in regards to the many different peptides and there recommended protocols. 

If you want to learn more on Longevity Peptide Program contact him directly here: 

Dr. Ivan Rusilko

Mention AnaVBK and he’ll be happy to give you more details. 



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