Let me share with you the FitCon Summit panel of Lauren and Jason Pak. They started Achieve Fitness because they're passionate about making fitness accessible and enjoyable, and everything they do is imbued with that passion. They're both so nice and humble despite being very well respected within the fitness community. 

At my online fitness platform I have the same approach as Lauren and Jason. They're constantly looking for ways to learn more and bring back new techniques which they incorporate into their programming.

During the panel Lauren and Jason were also talking about how Achieve Fitness became well know for it’s positive environment where you’re welcomed no matter your background or ability level. Their team of coaches are ready to guide and encourage clients throughout the fitness journey.

They have created an extremely special community that embraces each member exactly to who they are and fully supports them on their journey to better health, improved strength and fitness, or whatever goals they have set for themselves.

After the panel I had a chance to talk to both of them and share personal stories of how I often look at their Instagram account for support to demonstrate to my clients the perfect form to be used when executing specific exercises. This allows me to visualize and address corrections for them from the start and show them the difference in their progress.

I totally recommend you to start following IG @achievefitnessboston




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