FitCon Summit Series: #2

For sure Christian Thibaudeau was one of my favorite panels at FitCon Summit and I’ll definitely never forget our little chat, sitting on the stage and discussing the benefits of working out in a fasted state and the further benefits that come with using ketone salts (Lyfe Fuel formula with magnesium, potassium, American Ginseng) and Essential Amino-acids for a optimal performance. 


Christian has long been one of the most respected coaches and online writers in the fitness industry. He’s trained athletes in 26 sports, written hundreds of articles and has competed at the Olympic games. He is the head writer for T-Nation, coined the term Nuerotyping, and has influenced thousands of people.

During our chat, Christian was explaining that the receptors can become resistance, so if you’re intermittent fasting for longer periods (16 hours +) you’re producing adrenaline for most of these hours, and if your receptors feel that this is too long, they can become desensitized. KETONE SALTS can re-sensitize the receptors and INCREASE THE EFFICACY OF ADRENALINE so you don’t need to produce so much adrenaline to get the same benefits. 

I already knew that the highlight of LYFE FUEL is the beta-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB), a ketone molecule that serves as a highly efficient and quick-acting fuel for muscle cells and the central nervous system, especially the brain. The formula also has American ginseng, a compound noted for supporting healthy cognition and helping to bolster the brain’s resilience in the face of stress. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium, facilitate mitochondrial energy generation. Now, thanks to Christian, I know that by taking Lyfe Fuel during my workout I’m also managing my adrenaline levels. 

Christian also taught me about Neurotyping. His philosophy is to use an individual’s neurological profile/dominance to better design the optimal training program, nutrition plan and (if desired) supplement regimen. Your psychological profile shouldimpact the proper fitness & diet program you’re selecting. I definitely recommend to go on his website, and do an on-line assessment to find out which neurotype you’re. 




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