FitCon Summit #1

The Mental and Emotional Side of Nutrition

As you may know, last weekend I went to Salt Lake City for the The FitCon Summit where I had the opportunity to meet the most successful fitness leaders from around the world.

They were sharing their secrets on success tactics they used to take them to the next level.

After each panel I had the chance to talk with them and discuss a few subjects that I’ll be sharing here with you on the next newsletter and my blog on

To open the FitCon Summit series I’ll start with what I learned from Drew Manning on “The Mental and Emotional Side of Nutrition”.

During his panel, he shared his journey of gaining and losing 75 pounds.

I was completely shocked by his innovative story on how he went from “fit to fat to fit” over 12 months.

Drew experienced many of the weight-loss struggles by putting himself through all the emotional aspects of eating.

But to me, the main thing I took from Drew’s experience was the journey to SELF LOVE, self care, and having a COMPLETE Mind, Body, & Spirt lifestyle.

Commonly, people seek a physical transformation based on just the “looks”. They want a “miracle diet” to loose weight and look good at any cost, forgetting to pay attention to what is happening within their overall health and wellbeing overall.

There’s a mind, body, spirit connection that needs to be aligned in order to achieve optimal health.

It’s important to keep yourself motivated and not let your inner voice of perfection stop you every time you say something like “this is too hard”.

It won’t be easy but just say to yourself “that’s OK”.

Thank you Drew! You have forever inspired me as a trainer and a lifestyle coach to better relate to my clients and their emotional struggles.  I’ve learned how to keep them motivated to change and grow in so many ways other than just losing weight on the scale!

I highly recommend his book to read if you’re exploring a healthier lifestyle. I appreciate his complete approach to mind body and soul! Its written with good scientific backup, splashes of humor and numerous examples. The recipes are excellent and come with an easy to read explanation full of many options to maintain a Ketogenic lifestyle.

Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life



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