Guess what was THE most popular questions on Monday? 🤔

If you’re following my Instagram, you know that last Monday I was with my team at The Continuum South Beach doing a Lifestyle Workshop talking about health and fitness to members of the Club. 

As I was interacting with the members and explaining the benefits of Lyfe Collagen to them, I realized that everyone had two questions in common: “What makes Lyfe Collagen superior compared to all the other collagens on the market?”and “Should I substitute my protein powder for Lyfe Collagen instead?”

My answer was very complex, but to help them understand I explained that Lyfe Collagen is:

1. GMP Certified

But What Do GMP Certified Supplement Manufacturers Mean?

One of the first things it means is quality. Certified GMP manufacturers understand the FDA's extensive rules and regulations, and help each of their suppliers meet those regulations. 

GMP regulations require a quality approach to manufacturing, enabling companies to minimize or eliminate instances of contamination, mix-ups, and errors. It’s not as simple or easy as putting some writing in a bottle and calling it a supplement

  • The CGMPs will help to ensure manufacturers produce unadulterated and properly labeled dietary supplements.
  • Under the Certified GMP rule, manufacturers are required to:
    • Employ qualified employees and supervisors;
    • Design and construct their physical plant in a manner to protect dietary ingredients and dietary supplements from becoming adulterated during manufacturing, packaging, labeling and holding;
    • Use equipment and utensils that are of appropriate design, construction, and workmanship for the intended use;
    • Establish and use master manufacturing and batch production records;
    • Establish procedures for quality control operations;
    • Hold and distribute dietary supplements and materials used to manufacture dietary supplements under appropriate conditions of temperature, humidity, light, and sanitation so that the quality of the dietary supplement is not affected;
    • Keep a written record of each product complaint related to CGMPs; and
    • Retain records for 1 year past the shelf life date, if shelf life dating is used, or 2 years beyond the date of distribution of the last batch of dietary supplements associated with those records." - FDA 


2. Scientifically Based Researched

    Scientific research is the research performed by applying systematic and constructed scientific methods to obtain, analyze, and interpret data. From a scientific standpoint you can administer whether what you’re trying to promote factually works. In this case, molecular weights are an important determinant of efficacy. For this reason, Lyfe Collagen includes hydrolyzed peptides, which are smaller than typical collagen molecules to support optimal utilization. Researched showed Lyfe Collagen was able to deliver its benefits into the human body at a higher and faster absorption rate compared to other collagen products because the peptides are bioactive and hydrolyzed through a nano-technology structure. 

    3. It’s Not Just ONE Type of Collagen, But ALL FIVE Types
    To start off, collagenis an AMAZING protein that offers numerous positive benefits to our bodies. But, did you know that collagen has many different types and each of those types offer different benefits? Well,to be exact, there are 16 different types of collagen. However, the most commonly researched type and the one mainly used on each collagen supplement is the one that ONLY benefits your skin, nails and hair. Lyfe Collagen has been designed to target specific parts of your body, which other collagens do not! 

      4. A Complete Formula 

      Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and helps give structure to our muscle tissues, hair, skin, nails, ligaments and tendons in our body. Unfortunately, as we age, and the more stress we put on our body, the greater the impact on collagen production.

      Getting collagen in a balanced diet can help our bodies regenerate what’s been lost of broken down. This is why it is important for you to buy the RIGHT collagen. More importantly, collagen protein is different than whey and casein protein because it contains higher levels of amino acids.

      The types of peptides used on Lyfe Collagen have been specifically chosen because they are supported by clinical research showing their efficiency for promoting collagen production, joint health and integrity, cartilage, muscle mass, skin elasticity and more. As they say, collagen is the “fountain of YOUTH” by maintaining that young, vibrant-looking skin. But, you need more than just a glowing skin. With a well-rounded protein that has numerous more benefits, more than just skin, nails and hair, not only will you obtain the glowing skin you desire but also obtain optimal health and lean mass.

      It’s the perfect supplement for everyday optimal health as well as your post-workout protein shake.

       5. DissolvesEasily

      When it comes to protein powders, most need to be added to smoothies so that the blender can mix it in with the rest of the ingredients, which turns out to be extremely inefficient. Not everyone wants or enjoys drinking smoothies every day in order to supplement the body with protein.

      Actually, protein powders and other collagen proteins are so thick that in order for your body to absorb it and use its benefits might take up to hours. Again, not efficient especially if you’re exercising! You need those nutrients immediately after a workout when your receptors are hungry for nutrition.

      This is why Lyfe Collagen has been created with nano-technology that allows the body to absorb it immediately, without having to break it down through your digestive system, and also dissolves into any liquid whether it is hot or cold. Mix these pure peptides into shakes, smoothies, soups, sauces, stews or any other food and/or beverage.  

      6. Tasteless

      This is one of my favorites. When Dr. Ivan and I decided to create our own collagen formula, one that would be beneficial in every aspect, we realized that instead of having a flavored collagen protein, we decided to make sure it was unflavored. Why? Well, first of all, we don’t want to add any unhealthy and unnecessary artificial ingredients or sweeteners into such a powerful formula.

      Second, since the nano-technology allows the peptides to dissolve easily in any liquid, we realized it wouldn’t make sense to make a lemon flavored collagen so you can add it to your coffee? Or create a vanilla collagen supplement for you to add it to soup? Again, this is extremely inefficient. Instead, with Lyfe Collagen you can mix it with any liquid you want and it will not affect the real texture or flavor of your food. 

      Now, let me answer the second most frequently asked question: “Should I substitute my protein powder for Lyfe Collagen?”


      As a lifestyle athlete, I care about my protein intake and that’s why I was in search of a protein source, besides food, which would present NO SIDE EFFECTS when taken regularly. Meaning, a protein supplement that can be taken every day, with a super clean formula, without any fillers or artificial ingredients, and the most complete formula for my body’s needs. Lyfe Collagen is my TOTAL SUPPLEMENT POWER.

      I take it every day, several times a day, especially on my busy schedule. Not only do I consume it as a post-workout protein shake, but also on my snacks and meals. It’s the perfect CLEAN and EASY Protein Source. 

      The sad truth is that other protein sources I have tried before had me developing a series of issues from skin problems to digestive issues. For example, I would get skin inflammation and stomach cramps from whey protein and even the vegan protein options got me blotted and constipated. On the other hand, Lyfe Collagen has never caused any negative effects on my body. I have never felt healthier and stronger.


        Not to mention, not all protein powders are absorbed at the same rate by your digestive system and on top of that your body does not actually absorb all the protein in one scoop! Let me give you an example: The maximum rate that whey protein can be absorbed is about 8-10 grams per hour and it takes about 1.5 hours for humans to digest liquid whey protein. So, let’s say you add 50 grams of whey protein into your smoothie. Because we can only absorb 10 grams of whey protein per hour, we would roughly take about 5 hours to digest all that protein. HERE IS THE TRICK: Remember we only have 1.5 hours to digest all that protein and thus no chance of absorbing all of it. In the end, you’ll only be absorbing, at most, 15 grams while the rest goes to waste, literally. For this exact reason, Lyfe Collagen has been designed in a way that after consuming it the collagen will go straight into your body without nutritional losses on your digestive system.

        So, YES! You should definitely substitute your regular protein powder for Lyfe Collagen

        Stella Wigand - Lifestyle Athlete 


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