Hey my friends, here's what I've learned and would love to share with you: Bone broth isn't just broth. And it isn't just soup. It's concentrated healing, a nutrient-rich "liquid gold" and one of the world's oldest and most powerful medicinal foods.

But here's what most people don't know yet: There's more to bone broth than meets the eye. That's because this magical food strips weights off your body and takes years off your age. When you combine the power of bone broth with a core diet of fat-burning foods and a consistent training program, you'll drop pounds like crazy and at the same time erase wrinkles and those bags under your eyes.


My first experience with this diet was with my Doctor, Ivan Rusilko, DO and Nutritionalist. We were researching about the benefits of bone broth and how to develop a diet that would also preserve lean mass. Well, the results were incredible!

As any weight-loss expert will tell you, fasting is the quickest way to jump-start weight-loss, but for some people, including myself, it's difficult to get started and almost impossible for some of us to maintain. By the end of the first day I was obviously starving but then the headaches and lack of energy would hit me hard. I Could not focus at work or at home. I would get anxious and start obsessing about filing my cravings for food. Besides all that, I had no energy to workout, was losing lean mass and constantly felt weak and dizzy. For those reason I had to rethink my strategy for a type of fasting diet that could address my issues.

I began to brainstorm with Dr. Ivan and we created a program that would give all the benefits of fasting without the drawbacks. And then it hit us: Bone Broth with Lyfe Collagen Peptides .

Bone broth is a high-octane fat burner and the hydrolyzed collagen peptides will prevent lean mass loss so that you don't have that "saggy skinny fat" look after your weight loss.

It keeps you fueled up without adding pounds. Bone broth is rich, complex, hearty, and soul satisfying. It has virtually zero carbs and very few calories, so it's sin-free and you can indulge in as much as you want. Translation: no hunger, even when you're fasting.

We found the missing key when we added Lyfe Collagen Peptide protein to the bone broth. It's unflavored and completely dissolves in the broth. It's packed with patented blends of hydrolyzed collagen peptide protein that will target your wrinkles, so you can take years off your face at the same time as you lose weight.

Like fasting, bone broth helps cleanse your cellular matrix, energizing and de-aging your cells as it detoxifies your body.

Also, If you're battling extra pounds, I'm guessing that you've had digestive problems that can plague us all at some point. That's because weight gain and digestive problems often stem from comma source. A sick gut. The gelatin and other nutrients in bone broth help heal the gut lining and other digestive problems while they facilitate weight loss.

Thats not all, Lyfe Collagen hydrolyzed peptide protein will help to heal join issues as well. One reason people become overweight is that as they get older. Their joints develop wear and tear and it becomes harder to move. So they exercise less and they sit more. Bone broth and Lyfe Collagen gives you a generous supply of nutrients that help heal any joints issues.

It's also anti-inflammatory. One of the most important scientific findings of the century is that inflammation underlies obesity. Chronic inflammation damages your cells, and it leads to biochemical changes that makes you put on weight. Fat cells are inflammatory, so when you add pounds, a vicious cycle inflammation leading to weight gain, leading to more inflammation begins...This sets the stage for insulin resistance and other metabolic changes that cause you to put on even more weight, develop more inflammation, and so on.

When you break this cycle by healing inflammation with nutrients like those concentrated in bone broth and Lyfe Collagen, the pounds starts to fall off. Remember this rule: Anything that increases inflammation puts weight on you, while anything that decreases inflammation takes weight off. In addition, dry, rough skin and acne, which are outwards signs of inflammation will start to clear up.


Twice a weak I do a mini-fast combining the power of fasting with the fat melting qualities of bone broth + lyfe collagen peptide protein and the effect is stunning.

You will not believe how easy it becomes to sacrifice all that extra food, and how fast you will see results. Then you get to spend the other 5 days of the week eating ketogenic and paleo based foods which keep you lean and toned.

Day 1: Protein Only - PO

Day 2: Bone Broth + Lyfe Collagen - BBLC

Day 3: Protein Only - PO

Day 4: Bone Broth + Lyfe Collagen - BBLC

Day 5: Protein Only - PO

Day 6 & 7: Protein & Carbs - PC

Unlike mere calorie restriction, fasting sends your metabolism into hyperdrive.

Improvements in blood glucose levels, especially important for diabetics.

Maintenance of metabolism, brain, and organ function.

 Cardiovascular benefits include reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


So, now that you learned about my "Bone Broth Concentrated Healing Secret" I'm going to share with you something that will make everything even easier.

During one of my visits to a Paleo Conference I had the opportunity to meet Dorothy and Laya Barak, a mother-daughter team, founders of BrothMasters. They're passionate about creating and eating foods that are not only delicious but fuel and heal our bodies.

Through Dorothy’s passion for healthy cooking and Laya’s certification in Integrative Health, they created a bone broth that was originally formulated to soothe gastrointestinal inflammation, but in doing so, they actually created a product that does so much more.

Working with a food scientist, Dorothy has been able to increase the anti-inflammatory properties, as well as infuse calcium into the broth. This process allows them to be the only calcium rich bone broth on the market today.

They use only the very finest ingredients, cooking the bones for a min. of 48 hours, adding ingredients in stages, at carefully controlled temperatures, to create a bone broth that is not only nutritious but strengthens your body and improve your health. They do this by giving you important nutrients and minerals in a soluble form for maximum absorption.

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