MY TOP tips to avoid failure in your workout program

WORKOUT PROGRAM FAILURE. Believe me, I know how it feels! I DO!

You try all different modalities, new diets, new programs, and all seems to lead to a single conclusion that “it’s just my metabolism, I’ll never be able to change, so why bother”.

Well, guess what, on my case, it was the way I was combining my workout and my eating habits that was sabotaging my results. I was assassinating my metabolism and sabotaging my goals. Exactly! It was all my fault, and probably it’s your case as well. We all have a highly individual and complex metabolism, and I totally believe that there’s no “one way” to eat or exercise that will work for everyone, also because we all have different goals, so I thought about making this list with my best tips to keep your metabolism working at a top speed torching as much calories as possible and preventing you from energy crashing during the day.

HIIT me... but not everyday.

My favorite type of workout and definitely the most effective in fast results. HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training is based on short bursts of very high intensity effort with incomplete rest in between. It improves VO2 Max and insulin sensitivity, helps to reduce the visceral fat on the abdominal area. What we have to keep in mind is that HIIT also a form of stress and too much of anything will always take you away from your balance. Too much stress can bring you into a battle against stress hormones like cortisol. So, my advice here is to do HIIT up to 3 times per week and mix with some lower intensity cardio, resistance training, weight lifting, yoga.


Break the routine! You have no idea how smart and incredible adaptation machine
you are. I learned that on my own, how rapidly I became efficient doing what ever I was doing the most. If you want to see a change, you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. So, if you want to see a change of results you have to add variety to the types of workout you do. Expose your body to different stimulations and different ways to react or require your muscles, your flexibility, your stabilization, balance, endurance, power... The more variety the more effective it will be and faster results. New stimulations will generate new adaptations and these adaptations will come with a great metabolic energy.

PUMP iron

Lol, yes! Lift heavy once or twice a week! Come on, the benefits of weightlifting are so well known that it’s hard to believe that anyone is still afraid to pick up the weights. Don’t worry, you’ll NOT get BULKY if you don’t want to. You’ll stimulate new metabolically active tissue meaning, the recovery process from lifting heavy weights will cost you more calories, accelerating even more your metabolic system.

Get the right FUEL

That was one of my biggest lack. The right nutrition. Don’t sabotage your metabolism by not eating the the right amounts of the right nutrients. It’s not about calories count, it's about timing, percentages and quality of macronutrients. Here you can find a link to LYFE ONE diet.

To learn the sources of the best nutrients, what to avoid and what to buy when grocery shopping. Timing is also crucial from what to eat post workout to nurse and help the synthesis of your cells and muscle tissues, to how to apply intermittent fasting to your routine.



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